Blue roof & green roof technologies

The engineered design of Cira Green is the first project in the City to utilize innovative “blue roof” and “green roof” technologies for enhanced storm water performance; thus greatly reducing the development’s impact on the environment and surrounding public sewer systems. The “blue roof” systems lay under paved walking surfaces and provide the same hydrological performance as a fully planted roof.

Facts about Cira Green

Total Area: 1.25 acres

Lawn Area: 22,159 SF

Trees/shrubs/grasses: 4,424 SF

Meadow: 3,984 SF

Vines: 511 sf

11th Tier: 143 sf

Number of Trees: 18

Amount of Soil: 2,002.69 cubic yards of green roof media

Total Green Roof Area: 31,221 sf

Blue-covered Water System: 16,200 SF


Access Points:

Elevator and staircase in Cira Garage

Two additional elevators planned at FMC Tower at Cira Centre South (delivering mid-year 2016)




Total Project Cost:



Design Partners:

Erdy McHenry Architecture, LLC


AKF Engineers


Relevant Comparisons in Philadelphia:

Sister Cities: 1.3 acres (56,628 SF)

Drexel Park: 2.5 acres (108,900 SF)

Rittenhouse Square: 7 acres (304,920 SF)

Washington Square: 7 acres (304,920 SF)

Franklin Square: 8 acres (348,480 SF)

Clark Park: 9.1 acres (396,396 SF)

Logan Square: 13 acres (566,280 SF)



Policies & Procedures

Hours of Operation:

Summer months: 6 am to 10pm   |   Remainder of the year: 7am to 8pm   |   7 days a week

All hours of operation are subject to weather and private events; can vary from time to time as Building Management deems appropriate.


Occupancy Limits:

The maximum occupancy permitted on Cira Green is 500 occupants.


Things to do at Cira Green:

Practice yoga, picnic, read, study or just enjoy a quiet respite from the city below within this tranquil green space.

Park visitors use Cira Green at their own risk and agree to exercise due caution when using the park.

In the event of an emergency, call 911.



Hours of operation:  Summer months – 6am to 10pm  |  Remainder of year – 7am to 8pm